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Accept online payments with DusuPay

Accept online payments with DusuPay

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The life of the African entrepreneur just got a whole lot easier thanks to Accounteer and DusuPay. You can now start accepting online payments from your clients.

DusuPay is a payment gateway that enables entrepreneurs to collect payments via debit and credit cards worldwide and accept mobile wallets in 10 countries and counting. Mobile payments are currently available in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, DR Congo and Namibia.

DusuPay is also the perfect option for businesses outside of Africa operating on the continent. While the majority of Africans doesn’t have access to the regular banking services a mere 75% percent have access to mobile wallets. For any business operating in Africa accepting mobile payments is key.

Get started today by creating a free account on Accounteer and sign up for a Merchant account with DusuPay.