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The benefits of online invoicing

The benefits of online invoicing

Many businesses still create invoices periodically. Most of them start creating invoices at the end of each month. Now you need to remember everything you did in the past period. This takes time, energy and often results in errors. It also means that you need to wait longer before your money is in the bank.

There is a better way of doing things. Convert to online invoicing today. Create your invoices wherever you are. You can even create a new invoice from your smartphone right at the client.

Online invoicing reduces costs. By sending them digitally you don’t need to print, process and mail your invoices. It also offers benefits for your customers. Many accounting packages can read e-invoices which makes it convenient for your clients or their accountants.

With online invoicing from Accounteer you can create professional invoices in minutes. You can even have different invoice templates if you trade under different names or multiple languages. You can easily attach additional information to your invoices such as terms and conditions. So, you never forget to inform your clients correctly.

Getting paid also became a whole lot easier. Activate one of the available payment gateways and you can immediately start accepting online payments with PayPal, credit cards and various local payment methods.