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Lead, Don't Manage

5 Leadership Skills to Improve Your Business' Chances of Meteoric Success

Lead, Don't Manage

"Don't manage - lead change before you have to" - Jack Welch

Successful companies are led to victory. If you are content to manage your team, but don't lead in the process, your business will not live up to its true potential. Companies with an inspirational leader at the helm far outperform businesses with lackluster management. If you want to improve the long-term viability of your business, following are five critical leadership skills you need to hone.

Set Team Direction

Companies do better when the entire team works together towards a common goal. Business owners who know how to set team direction inspire camaraderie amongst their workforce. When all employees know the intended goal, they are more likely to feel empowered and willing to work to achieve business initiatives.

Inspire With Your Vision

Speaking of inspiring, if you learn to inspire your team with your business vision you will build a company of dreamers and doers. Your employees will be motivated to work harder and will understand why you're leading them in a specific direction. When you make a consistent effort to inspire others to believe in your long-term vision for your company, you'll build a team that marches with you, not behind you.

Encourage Risk Taking

Employees who know the boss approves of risk taking are empowered employees. Staff need to understand the types of risk taking you'll approve of and which types are stepping over the line. When team members know you encourage gutsy sales techniques and over-the-top customer service, they'll be more inclined to exceed your expectations instead of doing the bare minimum.

Track Successes

Leaders who track company successes inspire achievement amongst their team. When goals are being monitored and measured, employees know a laissez-faire attitude just won't do. If you not only track success but reward exemplary work output too, your business' successes will truly amaze you. Company owners who make a habit of instilling a "reach for the stars" attitude in their teams are often surprised by just how successful their companies become.

Seize Opportunities

A leader who is savvy enough to identify and seize opportunities encourages the same behavior in their team. Outside-the-box thinkers spot business growth opportunities where others see challenges. If you team knows you welcome input and initiative, they will come to you with ideas to help your company grow. Instill a "no idea is too small" attitude in your team and watch your business flourish.

Working on these five leadership skills can significantly influence the long-term success of your company. Mediocre business owners manage their team; top performers lead their team. If you want to direct your employees towards maximized growth, it is imperative you hone these five crucial business leadership skills.