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How to Hack Press Coverage for Your Startup

How to Hack Press Coverage for Your Startup

You've launched your startup. Your profile on Gust is complete. Your social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are ready. So how come you're not attracting attention? Why are other companies getting profiled in the press while your business is languishing on the sidelines? It could be you need to face a few hard truths about startup press. The following facts are truths you'll have get comfortable with if you ever hope to win at the game of media coverage.

If you want others to tell your startup's story, you need to get better at telling your own story. If you can't identify crucial components that will resonate with potential customers, don't expect a tech writer to do so. Reporters are busy people; they can't spend hours digging into your company's background to uncover tantalizing topics to cover for their readers. You need to be able to feed reporters the tidbits that will resonate with their audience and do it in a way that entices the reporter to learn more about your venture. If you can't excite a writer, don't expect their audience to be enthralled with your business either.

Think about press coverage from the writer's point of view. You might think your company is in the most intriguing sector or offers the coolest product or service, but so does every other startup founder. What's in it for the reporter if they agree to write about your firm? Is your product so revolutionary that page views are guaranteed to spike? Is your technology awe-inspiring and sure to cause an avalanche of social media shares when your feature article is published? When you understand how many tech blogs and news sites are vying for the same eyeballs, you soon realize just how spectacular your business needs to be in order to stand out. A writer needs to have a mighty good reason to cover your company and it is your job to ensure they're as enticed by your venture as you are.

How many hoops does a writer have to jump through just to access data on your team? Do you have a press page on your website? Do you have high-resolution images and company logos ready for downloading? The more accessible your data is, the better your chances are of coverage. Provide a press contact for interviews, but also make sure graphics are ready for downloading to speed the content creation process. Many reporters want to craft a startup post in advance and only ask for comments/feedback when the piece is ready to go to press. The fewer steps a reporter has to take to write about your firm, the faster your path to coverage will be.

Your friends and family might be enthralled with your business' journey. You might believe your company is the next great business just waiting to be discovered by millions of adoring customers. But if you can't get press coverage for your endeavor, you could be on your way to the startup dead pool before you've barely begun. Coverage isn't guaranteed; you need to hack the press cycle in order to stack the odds in your favor. Are you ready to master the media to maximize your coverage?