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How to Create Effective Marketing Videos for your Business

How to Create Effective Marketing Videos for your Business

Making videos to broadcast your business plan to the world is proving to be very effective in the current business climate, especially with Youtube acting as a major marketing platform. Writing a business plan to promote your cause and putting it up on your website is good, but talking about it in a video and uploading it on various media is even better. People are more convinced when they can witness for themselves the sincerity of the person behind the business; reading a piece is often impersonal and anonymous, while watching the business representative talking about his or her cause passionately makes it more real and credible. That is why using video to promote business is much in vogue now. Here are several strategies to creating successful and effective videos to promote your business.

Define Your Purpose for the Video

The purpose of your video is to introduce your customers to your business or inform them about the unique value you can provide. There are numerous elements to be considered before you actually start making the video. Do you want to make a video blog and upload videos related to your business semi-regularly, or will it be a one-time project to publicise your business plan? The former option will require you open a Youtube channel with your brand name and the latter will only require you to film a video and upload it on your website and other social media.

Determine Your Tools and Medium

You can use your smartphone camera and a tripod stand to film the video, or, if you want it to be of higher quality, you may use a professional camera. You may also arrange lights to accentuate the quality of the filming. If you prefer to have support and additional professional assistance with the filming process, hire a photographer to do the camera work for you.

Determine Your Filming Location

The location of the video is immensely important. Filming indoors is convenient, as you can reduce the volume of background noises. Choose an appealing background to stand in front of, rather than a plain, boring wall with no fancy décor. You can also choose a place that is associated with your business, preferably your office.

Develop the Content of the Video

The principal part of making the video is to provide a platform for showcasing the content. Write down what you are going to say in the video, and more importantly, how you are going to deliver your speech. Not everyone is a gifted speaker, but if you try and practice hard, you can create a convincing presentation. You can write down the basic points of your speech and put them up on sticky note papers on a board behind the camera, or you can utilise a teleprompter.

Appear Confident When You are Filming

Using a video to promote business is bound to be a hit or miss, and your appearance will play a huge role in the outcome. Once the camera starts rolling, the spotlight will be on you. Hence, calm your nerves beforehand. You have to look 100 percent confident and sincere in your video, otherwise viewers may take notice of the lack of confidence you are showing not only in your presentation, but in your business as well.

To summarize all this, creating a successful video for your business is all about planning and presentation. Wear a huge smile on your face, and try to be humorous but avoid deviating away from your purpose. Make sure you look like you mean every word you say in that video. As long as you believe in the value of your products and services, creating a successful video can come naturally. This is the key to your success. If there are minor technical mistakes, technology has made it easier to remove errors and refine your video to its optimal quality.