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Holiday marketing for small businesses

Holiday marketing for small businesses

The holidays generally bring out the best in people. Hopefully, everyone is imbued with the festive spirit and goodwill to all man, woman or child. Take advantage of this by aiming your holiday marketing campaign at your target market’s emotions. Have you tracked your previous drives? Which one worked the best? You will probably find that it was one which included nostalgia, laughter, tears, and joy. Or even your clients sharing their own stories of happy occasions and events. Let them feel included, and know that they are appreciated. Add the personal touch. This 60 to 90-day period is the ideal time to foster brownie points, so don’t miss out.

Always at winner at this time of year is to decorate. Whether you have a retail outlet or a small office, put up the Christmas tree, play some holiday music, maybe offer free sweets or biscuits? Lay it on thick.

It is good to remember though that not all of your clients celebrate Christmas. Make sure that they are not excluded, and offer congratulations on whatever type of holiday or religion that they are observing.

Start an email campaign for special holiday offers, or if you are promoting a ‘special’ that lasts only a few hours, an instant text messaging service works well.

Use social media. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter work well, as does LinkedIn. Send out good marketing photos of new products, with special deals on volume or discounts. Invite your customers to add comments on gift ideas or fun things for kids to do. Run competitions for the most Facebook shares, or likes. Or the best holiday recipes or holiday photos. Or even their New Year’s resolutions. People love to be involved with others. So, milk it.

If you have a retail store, invite Father Christmas in, with cute small gifts for the kids, along with a photo opportunity. Or throw a party for the children of your best clients and staff. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but the youngsters will remember it next year – and they are sure to remind their parents.

Draw in more customers by offering a gift-wrapping service. It’s a tedious job that not too many people enjoy, so save them the effort.

In an office environment, a branded corporate gift is always well accepted, be it a pen, diary, or a personalised calendar. Whatever you think will get your business noticed throughout the coming year. Take whatever works the most effectively and continue with it every year, so your clients wait in anticipation for their present.

Decorate your website, make it really festive – and maybe hide a few goodies among all the pages. Try discounts, gifts, specials, or tickets to local events. Another good one is to start a charity drive on social media if yours is a local business. Hold an event where the items collected are handed over to the charity. And make sure the local press is there to cover it.

Whatever you choose to do, and it should be linked to your business, have an immensely profitable festive season, and a wonderful New Year.