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Top-Rated Time-Tracking Tools Every Freelancer Should Investigate

Top-Rated Time-Tracking Tools Every Freelancer Should Investigate

Whether you are a freelance writer crafting content for clients or a web developer creating code as a side project, managing your time is an essential element of building a profitable business. Tracking your time not only shows clients how you spend your time on their projects, it allows you to understand how you can better optimise your time. Today's freelancers have it made; there are a variety of powerful time-tracking tools now available. If you're a freelancer who wants to build a reputable and profitable company, review the following collection of top-rated time-tracking resources.


Toggle is a must-discover tool for busy freelancers. Their powerful application lets you track the time you spend on client tasks as well as time spent on additional tasks like research and customer meetings. Available for multiple operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows, Toggle is one of those business management tools you'll wonder how you ever managed without.


Timely is another excellent choice for freelancers on the hunt for a time-tracking tool. Similar to Trello, Timely lets you manage your time with an easy-to-use card-style interface. Assign descriptions and client information, import meetings from multiple online calendars, and track project budgets too. Set individual rates for each freelance project, add tags to projects to discern tasks, and monitor client emails for each project. If you're looking for an all-in-one time-tracking interface with client reports and automatic task reminders, Timely needs to be on your must-investigate list.


Harvest offers a fabulous interface to manage every aspect of your freelance business. Track everything from client projects and reports to job estimates and invoices. Add team members to specific jobs, monitor client expenses, and connect your time-tracking software to additional platforms like Slack, Basecamp, and Asana. Harvest even integrates with PayPal and Stripe, so you can offer clients multiple payment options for your services.

Managing your time wisely is crucial if you want to build a profitable business as a freelancer. Clients expect you to manage their jobs and offer proof of your efforts. With tools like these at your disposal, it's never been easier to build a reputation as a professional freelancer. Will you be integrating any of these time-management tools into your business plans?