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Five Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Five Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Whether you're in a small town or a large city, the real estate business is a fiercely competitive one. As an agent, you need to find creative ways to stand out from your competition if you want to become the go-to person in your market. Here are five awesome social media tips that any real estate agent can use to boost his or her reach and establish authority.

Make Broad Use of Multimedia

When buyers are looking for a house, they see thousands upon thousands of pictures, many of which look very similar to each other. If you want to stand out, you need to make sure your homes grab the attention of people who see them on social media. In addition to pictures, you can use video tours and even drone flyover videos to showcase the homes you're listing. Buyers who see this will gravitate toward your homes because they will stand out from what everyone else in your market is already doing.

Post More Than Just House Listings

Social media engagement comes from you giving value to your followers. If you only post home listings, chances are you won't get very far in building an audience. Instead, try posting tips that are useful for buyers, sellers and homeowners. These posts will help to build your audience and make people feel as if they've already received value from you. You can also post questions for your audience to answer, such as "What one feature do you value most in a house?" Posts that encourage people to answer in a comment give you a chance to talk to your audience and identify people who may be actively looking for homes at the moment.

Use Paid Social Media Advertising

One of the best ways to target potential buyers in your market is to use paid advertising on social media. Because of the wealth of data that social media platforms have about their users, you can create an advertisement that will appear to people in specific towns or cities and will only target people with interests your designate. Best of all, social media advertising is relatively cheap compared to more traditional marketing methods, so it won't affect your bottom line too much.

Be Active and Responsive

Far too many business owners post on social media occasionally but don't put enough time into it to achieve success. If you want your social media marketing efforts to reach their maximum potential, you'll need to be as active on your chosen platforms as possible. Ideally, you should post 2-3 times every day, but make you sure put up at least one post daily. You should also encourage people who see your posts to contact you and respond promptly when they do. Your average response time is visible on Facebook, so make sure potential customers know that you will respond quickly to any inquiries.

Join Facebook Groups

Though this tip is obviously Facebook-specific, it is one of the most powerful ways to use social media to present your listings directly to interested buyers. Most local areas will have several Facebook groups dedicated specifically to real estate. Active buyers will often join these groups during their search for a new home. Real estate agents who join these groups using their personal profiles will have access to many potential sales leads. Since people in these groups will often share posts with friends they know to be looking for homes as well, such local real estate groups also provide a good source of word-of-mouth advertising.

For real estate agents who want to outperform their competition, a powerful social media presence is a must. Following these five tips will help you establish such a presence in your local market, find more leads and ultimately sell more homes. Remember, however, that social media growth is a long process. You won't see results overnight, but focus on building your audience and you will see the return on your investment in time.

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