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8 Steps to Hire the Perfect Startup Team

8 Steps to Hire the Perfect Startup Team

Building a great startup team is something every small business owner must do before they can succeed. Startups need to ensure that they hire the very best employees to ensure that their company runs smoothly. According to research from PwC, talent mismatches cost the global economy a staggering $150 billion. Imagine how much time and effort it takes to find applicants, interview them, screen out candidates, and onboard someone only to find out that they are a lousy worker. Circumvent this problem by following these tips:

Know what you are looking for

What kind of team do you need? What will your company culture be like? How much will you be willing to pay? You must answer all these questions so that you know what to look for in interviews. Try creating a checklist that lists all the things you need in an ideal employee. Match this checklist against each applicant after each interview to see how well they stack up.

Write a good job description

The more specific your job description, the better. Applicants should know precisely what your company is looking for. Make sure to detail how many hours employees must work, the skills and experience they need to apply, and how much they will get paid.

Reach out

Establish a presence on LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist, Angel List, and other websites. Know where your talent resides so you can go out and find them. You can also utilize your network and reach out to partners for referrals.

Sell your vision

While your applicants must sell themselves, you must also sell your company. Why would experienced employees want to work for an upcoming startup? What can you offer that other companies can't provide?

Ask the right questions

Find out everything you can about the candidate. Ask questions about their work experience, motivation, goals, ethics, and skills. Make sure that they will fit your company's culture and work ethic. Ensure that they'll work well with your other team members to bring the company success.

Call their references

Ask their references about the candidate's work style. Find out how much they have contributed to their past employers and ask if they believe the candidate would be right for your company. Prepare a refined list of interview questions beforehand so that you can weed out the good applicants from the bad ones.

Consult others for advice

Your startup team might not be built quite just yet, but if you have co-founders, you can ask them what they think of the applicants. Your cofounders should participate in the interviews, if possible. It is much easier to make decisions when you have others helping you. If your company has no other founders, try asking partners and other close associates to help make decisions.

Consider alternatives

Can an applicant's job be outsourced or replaced with a robot? Can you do it yourself? Perhaps you should hire them part-time instead of full-time. Or maybe one worker can wear multiple hats. Think carefully about all the options you have.


Running a startup is an incredibly difficult work. Much of your success depends on your initial team members. If they work hard and utilize their skills correctly, your small business can become successful. However, employees who aren't the right cultural or talent fit can ruin your budget and harm your business. You want to hire a team of people who believe in the company's mission and will hopefully stick with you for a long time.