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6 Tips to Excel at Customer Support

6 Tips to Excel at Customer Support

Entrepreneurs who build thriving businesses know a special secret. They understand just how crucial excellent customer service is to the life of their company, and they do everything in their power to nail their customer service strategy from the get-go. Half-baked attempts at customer service just will not do. A willingness to make brand believers out of every customer is what will take a company from so-so to superstar. If you want to ensure your business lives up to your expectations, here are five customer support tips you should incorporate into your modus operandi.

1) If you want to significantly improve your customer satisfaction ratings, consider integrating live chat into your customer support strategy. An artificial intelligence bot can handle basic queries, while live chat personnel can handle complex queries. Make sure your live chat hours are posted in a prominent spot on your website or mobile app to ensure customers know their available options. At Accounteer we use Intercom to engage with our users.

2) Make it easy for customers to open a support ticket with your business. Immediately acknowledge receipt of support tickets and advise when your business will be attending to their needs. The faster you respond with exemplary service, the higher your customer support ratings will be.

3) Customer support is not a 9-to-5 job. For brand growth and customer satisfaction, your business should be monitoring incoming messaging tools 24/7. Have your customer support email forwarded to a specific person after business hours. Activate an recipe to constantly scan social media for brand mentions. Forward your customer support phone line to a team member for ongoing monitoring. The speed of your customer support reactions can significantly influence the growth of your company. Businesses with top-notch customer support earn loyal brand ambassadors who are often willing to share their fondness for your company on social media. It's also a good practice to provide some form of self service support. This can be in the form of a knowledge base, user guide or frequently asked questions. This allows users to find answers to their problems on moments that your support team is not online. It will also reduce the number of support tickets filed.

4) Make sure your staff knows that you want them to do more than resolve issues. If wowing your customers is a top priority, your employees will understand that good enough is never OK. Exceed expectations with every customer support interaction and increased sales will follow. Providing a top notch customer experience should be embedded in your company culture.

5) Every support request should result in an action. This can be that you make changes to your product or create a help article in your knowledge base. Each demand for customer support i one too many. By taking immediate action you'll improve the experience of future customers, and over time it will decrease the total number of support tickets.

6) Customer support should not be an afterthought when building your business. Do not put developing a strong customer support team on the back burner until after you have successfully launched your business or brought your first product to market. How you will help turn your initial customers into loyal brand ambassadors should be part of your strategy from the beginning. If you build your business with customer satisfaction in mind, you will naturally develop better products and services.

The sooner you learn to focus on customer support as an integral part of your growth strategy, the sooner you will be on your way to business success. Customers mean the difference between your time being spent building a thriving company or wasted on a venture with a negative outcome. Weave awesome customer support into the fabric of your business; you will be thrilled with the beautiful tapestry you create. Will you be revisiting your customer support strategy this year?