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5 Monday Morning Rituals to Boost Your Working Week

5 Monday Morning Rituals to Boost Your Working Week

The Monday morning struggle can be a tough slog. Whether you’re a part of a start-up or big corporation, hitting the ground running can be tricky. Worst of all, after a bad start to the week, things generally don’t get better. It’s a nightmare for productivity, especially if you need to set a good example. Luckily, there are some great ways to kickstart the week. Read on for our all-important Monday morning rituals.

1. Plan ahead

Monday mornings are like a hurdle. A hurdle that you have to get over before you’ve even started the race. So to make things easier, you can start planning for the week the day before. You don’t need to end your weekend early, but just creating a list of important jobs or appointments can get you mentally prepared and make the week ahead seem far less overwhelming.

2. Wake up on the right side of bed

There’s already a long list of Monday tasks waiting to trip you up, you needn’t let yourself be one of them. Get a good sleep and set your alarm that bit earlier so you have plenty of time to prepare for the first day back. Make sure you have a plan for the morning, including something to relax you. Have a nice coffee, a good breakfast and maybe even a short walk before you head into work.

3. Be ruthless with your inbox

No matter how organised you are with emails, the weekend can take its toll. Two full days of emails pinging in with nobody on the receiving end to delete and file them. Monday morning isn’t the time to be reading through them all. Put it at the top of your list to go through them and delete anything that isn’t important. If you aren’t going to reply to it, you don’t need it clogging up your inbox.

4. Make a list of positives

It’s easy to get bogged down by the Monday blues. But, chances are, you still have all the great things to be happy about that you had at the weekend. So make a list of things you’re grateful for, such as friends, family or even just your health. It will help put things into perspective and lighten your mood.

5. Help someone else

It’s not all about you. Everyone has the Monday blues. Ok, maybe not THAT person who turns up every day whistling with a beaming grin – but most of us. If you help someone out, or even just do something nice for a colleague, you may find your mood lightened and could have a little help yourself next time you’re struggling.

Small things make a big difference

Our tips might seem like little, insignificant steps. But together, they can help give you a great start to the week. You’ll be more productive, easier to be around and – most importantly – happier all through the week. It won’t be long before you find yourself planning your weekend again.

About the author

Kamran Maqbool is the Managing Director at Green Cloud Hosting – UK specialists in hosted desktop services.