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10 Home Business Start-Ups for a Tight Budget

10 Home Business Start-Ups for a Tight Budget

Imagine what you can achieve when you stop letting a tight budget and a poor financial picture stand in the way of your dreams coming true!

Here are ten home-based businesses you can start on a tight budget and independently. Some can be started by anyone, while others simply require a license or certificate to be obtained.Business/Financial Consultant - If you know the ins and outs of your industry and have the business experience to back it up, then you can get into business consulting or financial planning to make big bucks.

Catering - If your future plans include opening your own restaurant, then a great way to build clientele and test recipes is to go into home based catering or the food truck business. It is fairly inexpensive to start up and will give you a good feeling for whether you are a good match with the demands and changing expectations of the food service industry.

Child Care - The number of single-parent homes and dual-working parent homes in the United States continues to grow. Most working parents require the services of a dependable and trustworthy person to care for their children, many of them outside of regular daytime working hours. This is a great business start-up that typically brings in cash on a consistent basis.

Computer Services - The demand for experts who can make house calls to fix computers, translate technical terms and jargon into layman's terms, and develop software is monumental. People will pay for someone with experience to come in and set up their new PC or laptop. Many will pay for lessons in how to use their equipment, online systems and various software programs.

Event & Party Planning - Retirement parties, Sweet 16's, children's birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and weddings all require much more in today's world than just purchasing a cake and sending out a few party invitations in the mail. These are just a few of the types of parties and events requiring expert services today, and they pay lucratively. In addition to event and party planning, there are numerous niche opportunities in this field. These include featured decorations, catering, party set-up and clean-up, making invitations and creating party favours.

Hair Care & Makeup Services - Both women and men alike of all ages spend a lot of money on grooming services for their hair and body. There are great places across the country for the new entrepreneur in beautification services to get started with this business. Nursing homes, assisted living homes and senior centers are some of the best picks to demonstrate your talents and sharpen your skills when just getting started.

House Cleaning & Lawn Care Services - Now that the economy is on the up rise and unemployment numbers are going down, more and more people are working and have less time to spend on cleaning their homes and taking care of their lawns. They are willing to spend the money for these services to be completed for them. If landscaping or house cleaning is something you enjoy doing, the opportunities in most areas are endless, as the demand for domestic services grows.

Personal Organiser - Are you an organisation guru? Do you create a path of tidiness and neatness everywhere you go? If you have the knack for organisation you can turn it into great money by starting a home business to offer services in organisation. The demand is found everywhere and can be offered in everything from organising computer desktops to offices to closets to entire homes and garages.

Student Professor - Do you have numerous years of experience in a certain field or hold an advanced degree? Becoming a virtual instructor is a lucrative way that is high in demand to make money from home. Traditional colleges, web-based programs, and universities all around the globe offer online curriculums and courses requiring the skill and knowledge of an expert.

Student Tutor - The education system in America is focused more than ever on students and their progress from K-12. The "No Child Left Behind" federal law, revised state requirements, and local school board rules dictate students maintain better grades and pass tougher standardised tests before passing to the next grade level. These demands have led to a growing need for student tutors.

Plan carefully before starting any business, no matter how small it may seem. Check your local laws and legislation to ensure your business start-up is operated in accordance with the law to avoid problems later.

If you fail to plan and set goals before diving headfirst into your business start-up, then it is unlikely you will make it past the three-year mark due to lack of solid marketing and financial planning. Decide on your business start-up first and then get your plan started for launching it on a tight budget.